Bikini and sportsmodel building | Emma Bowman - Posing & Fitness Coach

Comp prep packages tailored to fit the category in which you will be aiming to compete in. Bikini and sports model is the aim for Courtney. She came to me lean to start with, so its been about keeping her maintained at that weight, however adjusting her training to build muscle where it is needed for judging on stage. So what does a bikini, fitness or sport model require? Capped shoulders, a ‘V’ taper back with developed lat spread, leg and glute development and a tight core. Depending which division will depend on how much muscle and what level body fat to come in at. Know your division…place well.
Courtney: “I’ve never been so happy with my body and the changes I’m seeing. Thank you so much for everything you do. I’ve wanted to do this for sooo long and it’s thanks to you that I am doing it! It means so much to me. Cant wait to see what happens over the next month or so!”